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what zone do you operate in?


live 7.24.16 @ blue moon seattle, wa


call me up just to say you're down is this too much body contact now feeling like you weigh 10 pounds its much worse than it sounds feeling bad for things you've done you learn from them and then you've won split your cat now they're gone things you lack using your phone got it down pat using that tone where they at what's gone wrong no going back having fun? maybe you know it maybe you feel it maybe you got to know sing hallelujah sing it with your eyes sing it in disguise you will never see all your people free all the things you think you have to know will never help your mind or your spirit grow now you're wandering now you're reasoning now you're holding back cus you know all the facts and all the pieces and all the kisses you didn't have and all the seasons don't have a reason do you really know do you have to show sweet boy has turned now that he's getting burned and all the things you think you have to know will never help your mind your spirit grow and all the things you think are good to know are killing you really really slow...


robert b. started rego as a way to personally explore making rock music in a group for the first time. old friend and guitarist michael s. has played in a couple other bands while drummer mitch m. has never played in a band before. dismantle your comfort zones. officially started in 2015, unofficially in 2012.

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